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Abgeschickt von Trashman am 29 Oktober, 2012 um 07:14:41:

Antwort auf: Re: Tankproblem Versiegeln oder Stahltank von Trashman am 25 Oktober, 2012 um 06:42:33:

Guten Morgen,
ich hab wegen dem Tankdeckel nachgefragt, hier das Antwort-mail:
Hi Stefan
We would like to fit the same cap as the TT2 but it depends on how fussy people are with originality. Some people have asked for Monza caps so we are happy to offer a choice.
We will try to offer the same cap (as original) or as near as possible or the customers own cap or Monza.
We will do a breather tube (is that a gas overflow) which is on our TT2 tank or if we fit a Buell cap then there is one in the cap.
Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Best regards
Michelle and Tony

P.S.: ein "flacher" Tankdeckel wäre interessant, damit man ein schnell-Verschluss-Tankrucksack System montieren könnte (z.B. quick Lock oder Givi System)
Grüße Stefan


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