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Abgeschickt von Trashman am 15 November, 2012 um 14:34:11:

Antwort auf: Alu-Tank für Buells bei Holtworks von Trasman am 15 November, 2012 um 08:07:00:

habe soeben folgendes mail erhalten:
Hi Stefan
The tank has been given to our guy that is going to make the model and then we will get it back to make the tool to produce the tank.

If you are happy to continue with the project we would be grateful if you could now send your deposit of £400 to place your order.

I have added the tank to our website so you can click to pay the deposit. I have also added a box so you can specify which cap you would like (or if you would like to use your own), and any other details you may have mentioned to us.

Before you check out, just put the shipping location to "collect" so that it will not add shipping to your total at this time. You can check out by PayPal, PayPal credit card (just check out as a guest and put your credit card details), send us a cheque or BACS, if you would prefer to call and I can process the payment that is fine.

Please if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Was ich mir noch überlege ist, ob ich einen anderen Tankdeckel mit "internen" Entlüftung nehme, damit ich ein Tankrucksack-System mit Schnellverschluss anbauen kann! Tombulli hat den "quick lock" verbaut, ein Freund (Kawa) einen von Givi (bei dem würde unsere orig. Entlüftung im Weg sein, darum die überlegung auf einen anderen Tankdeckel).
Grüße Stefan


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