Re: Alu-Tank für Buells bei Holtworks

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Abgeschickt von Trashman am 29 November, 2012 um 07:09:10:

Antwort auf: Re: Alu-Tank für Buells bei Holtworks von Trashman am 28 November, 2012 um 09:37:58:

Guten Morgen,
habe gestern Abend noch eine Antwort erhalten:

Hi Stefan
Sorry for the delay in replying.
There is no problem if the original cap is mounted.
With regard to the discount I am afraid that we only offer a trade discount if 5 tanks from our website are purchased from 1 person. As we are making this tank on the back of the forum chat, I am sure there quite rightly would be uproar should I offer a discount to 3 people who got together to purchase these tanks. They also have been priced at £820 to cover the production costs of the these tanks and if we could have offered them for less we would have.
I hope you understand, with best wishes
Michelle and Tony
01621 742059

Sorry... schaut so aus, als ob es nichts bringt eine Sammelbestellung aufzugeben... d.h. jeder kann seinen eigenen Tank bestellen! Leider...

Grüße Stefan


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